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When you have installed OCRdocs in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment, you can use this credit to apply text recognition to your submitted documents. Our OCRDocs software that can be used to recognize invoices, among other things, can be used free of charge within Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, provided that the documents are processed by our OCR Service. You pay a fixed price per document for this. The more documents you process per period, the lower the price per document. This credit is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. A “Fair use policy” is applied of an average of 1.5 pages per document.

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Step 01

Download the app​

Install OCRDocs Document Scanning via the Microsoft Appstore.

Stap 01 Download de app
Stap 02 Koop tegoed
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Step 02

Buy credit

Determine the number of documents you expect to process per month and buy credit on our webshop OCR-Docs.com.

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Step 03

Quick Start tool​

Run the Quick Start tool so that OCRDocs is able to instantly recognize suppliers.

Stap 03 Quick Start tool​
Stap 04 Aan de slag
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Step 04

Get started with OCRDocs

Selecteer documenten uit uw mail of map via de Drag & Drop functie en stuur deze documenten naar de OCR Service.

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Leer OCRDocs nog beter kennen en gebruiken met onze online-tutorials op ons speciale OCRDocs YouTube kanaal.