The solution for
Automatic Invoice recognition and AP Automation

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Email import

With OCRDocs you can import mail
directly from Outlook in Business Central


Pdf, Word, Excel, PEPPOL, UBL documents or images in Business Central

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PDF Preview

Pdf preview in Business Central of source documents like invoice or posted invoice


Without using templates

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Creates invoices and collects receipts

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Stores the documents into the digital archive
and is fully searchable

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Every document

It doesn’t matter how the invoices are delivered: through a scanner, through mail, or through the app. OCRDocs knows what to do with it. With the useful Drag & Drop function you can drag documents to OCRDocs to have them processed. Photo’s of declarations can immediately be taken, with which your (financial) administration gets updated immediately.

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OCRDocs uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition). By using ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition), the relevant data is used for further processing. As a result, the layout of the document is not important and no templates are needed.

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Within the AP Automation process, OCRDocs immediately creates cost invoices or links posted receipts to the invoice (so-called logistics invoices).

It’s even possible to regularly check new receipts. Is the relation still unknown within Business Central? The relation can immediately be created within OCRDocs.

Archiveer en Analyseer
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Archive and Analyse

The processed invoices and other documents are saved in a digital archive. This digital archive is fully searchable and is connected to your contacts, suppliers or customers. This way, you can precisely track which interactions you have had with your relation.

Why OCRDocs?

OCRDocs is the document capture software solution that doesn’t use templates or monthly subscriptions; pay per invoice.


OCRDocs is suitable for Business Central SaaS and Business Central OnPremise. Under the name NAViDocs, OCRDocs is available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


With OCRDocs it is not necessary to create a template before recognition can take place. Through analysis, OCRDocs extracts the relevant information from the document.


OCRDocs is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and therefore has all relevant information for adequate processing.


Because OCRDocs is integrated into Business Central, the security Business Central provides is also used.

Waarom OCRDocs?


Run the Quick Start tool and get started right away without having to do a lot of settings.

UBL Ready

With OCRDocs it is possible to process UBL (Unified Business Language) invoices and these invoices are presented legibly.

Mail Import

With OCRDocs it is possible to import mail from your InBox and view and select main- and supporting attachments

Drag & Drop

Select the documents from a mailbox folder and the documents can be processed directly by OCRDocs.


With OCRdocs, you are not tied to a subscription. You pay per document. The more documents you process, the lower the price per document.

Make a quick start with OCRDocs

The steps below show how to get started quickly with OCRDocs
A step-by-step plan per product and extensive information about this can be found under more info



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via the
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version 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
and future versions

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV


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Current administrative system

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with OCRdocs can be a full-fledged alternative for your current administrative system. Contact us to discuss the possibilities

Our Partners

Collaborating with different companies within a broad network.
That results in even more quality and efficiency.

We as 365 Maatwerk help with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and realize new customization where necessary to support business processes of customers.

Dysel develops, implements and supports software solutions for organizations in the sale, rental and service of serial numbered machines and equipment.

The services of SCoPeS focus on performance improvement using the Dynamics Platform: Dynamics, Power Apps, Automate and PowerBI.

Reliable, professional and secure office automation is crucial for your business. Adfocom has everything in store to take care of your complete automation and are happy to think along with you to find a solution that suits you.

Q-Team Solutions, business apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our products and services are designed in such a way that you as a customer will notice as little as possible of the implementation. From stand-alone app to complete solution!

Stokman Solutions is a registered Microsoft partner specialized in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision). With over 15 years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics NAV development.


With a ‘total solution’, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, your Dynamics Partner focuses on rental and/or service companies that want to use all information simply and efficiently to manage business processes as efficiently as possible.

Buy credit in the OCRDocs Shop

Visit our shop to purchase prepaid scan credit. You pay according to what you use and do not have to take out any subscriptions. Or book a training to help you or your employee get started quickly.

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Select our 2 hour basics training to get started with OCRDocs

When you have installed OCRdocs in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment, you can use this credit to apply text recognition to your submitted documents. Our OCRDocs software that can be used to recognize invoices, among other things, can be used free of charge within Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, provided that the documents are processed by our OCR Service. You pay a fixed price per document for this. The more documents you process per period, the lower the price per document. This credit is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. A “Fair use policy” is applied of an average of 1.5 pages per document.